About Entorium Services / Andrew Orme

I started creating web sites in 1995 for COSCO (Hong Kong) Group and its 300 subsidiaries.

After three years at COSCO, I spent another two years at EDIasia, taking care of its many Internet and intranet sites.

In 1999, I setup Entorium Services to provide freelance web design services to individuals and small companies.

Although originally from the United Kingdom, I have now spent over 18 years in Hong Kong with my family.

Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke Association

Prior to coming to Hong Kong, I had an 8 year stint in London - as a Business Studies student and a Desktop Publisher with British Gas and Harrods.

I provide a convenient and professional service to individuals and small businesses - at reasonable prices.

I do most of the web design and English editing work myself, but occasionally I draw on specialist skills from other professional freelancers - especially for larger projects and of course, for Chinese translation work!

When requested, I also take on outsourcing work from other web design companies who need extra capacity at short notice.

If you are interested in any of these freelance services, please contact me.



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