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  1. China Education and Research Network (CERNET)
    CERNET is the first nationwide education and research computer network in China. The CERNET project is funded by the Chinese government and directly managed by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

  2. China's Official Gateway to News & Information
    The authorized government portal site to China, www.china.org.cn is published under the auspices of the China International Publishing Group and the State Council Information Office in Beijing.

  3. Travel China Guide
    Offers China travel information, including tour attractions, travel planning tips and China tours.

  4. ChinaVista
    The world's premier online gateway into China. Offers high quality China related business services. Explores the beauty and wonder of Chinese land and culture.

  5. Sino Hotel Guide
    Discount hotel bookings in China. A service to help tourists, whether business traveler or just a backpacker, with hotel reservations in China and caters for travel needs as well.

  6. Xinhua News Agency
    The official news agency of China.




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